Winchester shotgun manufacture dating

I have contacted Remington and they confirmed that information above is correct.

I have a Winchester model 70 30.06 serial number 116XXX. In addition, no rifle came to symbolize the romance of the West more that the Winchester Model 94. Utilizes a box magazine especially designed to accommodate the recently introduced high power smokeless cartridges and pointed bullets. Featherweight in stainless and a new Sporter III is introduced.

Of all the Winchesters, no rifle design has been revered more among hunters, collectors, target shooters and outdoor writers than the Model 70 with the Pre-'64 type action One Hundredth Anniversary of the Winchester Model 94 lever action.

barrels -- Slug Hunter Model 1300 Slug Hunter Model 1300 28" barrels Model 1300 Stainless Marine, corrosion resistant finishes Model 70 Super Grade .270 Win., 30-06 Springfield Model 70 Featherweight calibers, 65X55, 7mm Rem. Model 94 improved sights, quarter action Model 1400 26" barrel, High Grade model Model 1400 Walnut Slug Hunter Model 1400 all combos and deer guns drilled & tapped for scope Model 1300 White Tails Unlimited "Gun of the Year" Model 1300 26" barrels, custom model Model 1300 Ranger 26", all deer Model 1300 20 gauge Defender 1992 New management at U. Model 70 Stainless rifle Model 70 Featherweight classic with controlled round feeding Model 70 detachable magazine Model 70 .308 Win. Grade I-IV Model 52 Classic Traditions .22 Sporting rifle Model 42 Classic Traditions .410 High Grade Model 1001 over/under shotgun Model 1300 National Wild Turkey Federation Series IV Model 1400 Quail Unlimited 1994 Return of the Pre-'64 Model 70 type action design with claw extraction, controlled round feed, fixed-type ejection and many other features that made the original the most loved and prized bolt action rifle in history.

The Super X2 now has a fine camo finish on the 3 1/2” Camo Waterfowl model, and a new Light Field is available.

It received the “Shotgun of the Year” award from the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. The 300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum is developed and introduced as a joint effort between Browning/Winchester Olin Corp.

There is a new Model 1300 in a NWTF Short Turkey, and a new Practical Defender.

From the Custom Shop comes a custom case-colored Model 9410 lever-action shotgun.

1875 Winchester buys rights to Hotchkiss bolt action centerfire. 1879 John Browning patents his single shot rifle 1880 Oliver Winchester passes on. Several high-grade “Tribute” models are available for a limited time.

The 94 is without doubt the most famous of all deer hunting rifles in history. New RMEF Super Grade and Sporter LT models and new Coyote Model 70 in stainless Controlled Round Push Feed models emphasized in the Model 70s, Super Shadow Blued, Coyote Stainless and Stealth II The Model 94s offered Trails end Octagon barrel with case-colored receiver, a Trails End Octagon 2005 The 325 WSM caliber was added to the Model 70 line. A Super Grade III, and Sporter III stock were added to the Model 70 line. A Super Grade III Model 70 and a model for the RMEF is offered.


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