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So, while its difficult to do, this page will focus on the racing motorcycles themselves, rather than the motorcycle races. Note the arched frame tube aft of the carburetor, the trademark of the legendary "Featherbed Frame".This is not meant to be a history of British Motorcycle Racing. The Featherbed was so good, and so much better than anything else at the time, that it allowed the aging 500cc single to dominate road racing for a decade.The development of motorcycle racing has largely dominated many racing sports over time.The sport involves road racing, off road racing, both either on circuits or open courses and track racing.

But Norton had another trick up its sleeve: The Featherbed Frame.ROAD RACING MOTORCYCLES - 1969 TRIUMPH TRIDENT Overshadowed in the marketplace by the game-changing Honda 750 Four, the Triumph Trident nonetheless proved to be a formidable racing machine propelling Gene Romero, among others to victory & glory.And the sound, a wail really, that the triples make on full boil is like nothing else on earth.CLASSIC BRITISH RACING MOTORCYCLES - THE MOTORCYCLE GROWS UP Motorcycles left their bicycle roots in the 1910s & 20s & shed their pedals at the same time.By the 1930s, engines were growing in capacity & power output & frames were getting heavier & stronger in hopes of coping with the increasing performance.It's full double-cradle design (unusual at the time) gave it stiffness & its brilliant geometry gave it superior handling.


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