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Yet Cosby told investigators that giving Constand the pills without telling her what they were was something with which he felt ‘comfortable with.’Comfortable, Steele said, because he had prior knowledge of this sort of behavior.The defense had sought to dismiss talk of Quaaludes about which Cosby had spoken in his 2005/2006 deposition.She was not in court to hear the prosecution’s but Constand and her mother watched as Steele urged the jury to convict the one-time actor. And he nodded yes with his head and said ‘put em down.’‘Who says that?And, though Cosby did not take the stand, Steele urged them to convict on the strength of his own words when questioned by police and later by lawyers in sworn testimony in 20. Who says something like that when they’re in that situation other than he knew exactly what was going to happen with these and that was the plan They didn’t take the edge off.According to Steele the jury should be ‘insulted’ by that suggestion.He said: ‘To suggest that this was a relationship going to another level doesn’t make any sense.

Because that person isn’t consenting to what that person is doing. He took that from Andrea Constand.‘He gave her no choice in that matter. He said: ‘He talks to Gianna Constand and he tells her “I’m a sick man.”’Reading aloud from Cosby’s sworn statement Steele said:‘And I’m apologizing because I’m thinking this is a dirty old man with a young girl I apologized I said to the mother it was digital penetration’Appealing to the jury Steele said: ‘Ladies and gentleman he has told you what he has done and there are a number of factors as to what he did afterwards that goes to the consciousness of his guilt. ‘You’re apologizing because you ingratiated yourself into this young woman’s life.’By way of answer O’Neill read the relevant section of Cosby’s deposition and the preceding and following paragraphs when he spoke about the night of the alleged incident and giving Andrea the pills.He said: ‘She sat with her back to the kitchen well which is the door the door wall…our conv at that time was about concentration was about I don’t remember that clearly what it was fully about.In the afternoon the tables turned and District Attorney Kevin Steele characterized Cosby as a calculating sexual predator who ingratiated his way into Constand’s trust then betrayed her in the worst possible way by drugging and sexually assaulting her.Camille Cosby, who arrived at court all smiles with her husband this morning, did not stay for the prosecutor's skewering of Cosby in the afternoon.The judge delivered his instructions to the jury, who will now deliberate on whether or not Cosby is guilty in the criminal case.


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