Open graph error validating access token

I assume this error you got is being returned as an Facebook Api Exception PHP exception object, from the Facebook PHP SDK? Hi, Highly appreciate your help on the issues i was facing last time, it worked out quite well. I can't get the user email, I have set up the permissions for the application on facebook as given below.

The way you'll want to handle all Facebook API exceptions is by catching them with a try/catch construct, and handling it however you want from there. Default Activity Privacy: Only Me User & Friend Permissions: email; user_about_me; Extended Permissions: Auth Token Parameter: Query String (?

Renewing the token should simply be a matter of clicking “Save Changes” on the settings page for the plugin.

This is a minor update that adds the make_clickable() Word Press function to convert plain text URI to HTML links. It also adds a CRON schedule to refresh expired tokens because Facebook no longer allows non-expiring tokens.

As a guy who prefers to use modern stuff like instead of crappy old PHP, I´m not really a fan of the Facebook PHP SDK.

It also checks to see if c URL is loaded or allow_url_fopen is on.

Something like this: I am getting the error: Error validating access token: Session has expired at unix time 1378162800. code=...) Now i am using the following code to get the profile of facebook user but email is not returned (i can see the email if use my own facebook account but not with the test account that i made).

The current unix time is 1378224732 I see it is solved in but I am not sure if this code is implemented in the Yii Facebook Opengrah Extension, is it? Thank you When I try to use all of the parameters besides 'message', like 'name', 'caption', 'description', 'link'... Whereas /user/facebook is a function action Facebook() in the User Controller.php, which checks the Facebook-user's uid, name and so on in the database and creates an account when there is none yet. (And don't forget to enable js Sdk in the extension's settings!

The master branch is not stable, please use tagged release branches.

The previous stable branch with support for the old API is now under the opengraph-v1.0 branch.


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