One year dating anniversary poems

"You do look handsome tonight, Jason," I said as I walked to the kitchen. " He laughed, "A date with a beautiful woman it seems!I love that dress on you, it makes you look so very sexy." He stepped behind me as I was removing a bottle of chilled Chardonnay from the refrigerator and encircled me with his arms.I kissed him softly before relieving him of the wine and flowers. They are beautiful," I said as I drank in his sexy scent.Jason always wore Black Orchid by Tom Ford, a cologne that gave him a smell that I adored.I love that you were so ready for me and having you right here, in the kitchen, was so erotic........ " He slowly pulled out of me, allowing me to stand upright. We kissed by the side of the bed and I felt Jason's hands under my dress again, roaming over my body.We quickly undressed and lay on the bed, kissing passionately.I parted my legs a little to provide him better access and then lay back against his hard body as he found my clit."God, that feels so good.............don't stop." He continued to finger me, rubbing my clit softly and dipping his fingers into into my honeypot, until he judged that I was ready for him.

His strong hands held a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine.

I stepped out of them and resumed my position bent over the counter as I waited for his cock.

Soon enough it was there, nudging softly at the entry to my wet pussy, and I wiggled my ass trying to get it in me.

"Fuck, you look so sexy in that position," he said as he slowly inched his rock hard cock into my waiting pussy. "Fuuuuuuuck, Amanda - I'm cummmmming he yelled," as his hot seed erupted into me. When I saw you in that dress it was the final straw, I just had to have you." I began to blush as I felt his cum dribbling down my legs. There is a wash cloth in that drawer if you would like to clean up too." When I returned a few minutes later Jason had his pants pulled up and was leaning against the counter smiling and holding a glass of wine.

A deep moan escaped from my throat as I felt him fill me and I laid my head on my hands as he began to fuck me with a strong, fast rhythm. I can't believe just how tightly your pussy grips me." I failed to get any words out in response as he was driving into me hard and fast - all I could do was continue moaning as he pleasured my entire body with his stiff cock. My orgasm arrived just then, causing my knees to buckle and my body to shudder as an unbelievably powerful wave of pleasure rolled through me. I kissed him, then broke away, "Well smartypants, seems like you got dessert before the main course!


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