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I’ve never been convinced those two were really falling for each other.They both seem too strong-willed, stubborn, and, frankly, intelligent to get attached to a person who’s playing for the opposite team.With Lucas Goodwin stashed away in jail to serve out the terms of his plea agreement, that seems unlikely.On the other hand, Gavin Orsay reappeared in this episode, stroking Cashew, the guinea pig equivalent of Dr.If they don’t have one, let’s create a list of options.” Why not just have the guy say, “Blah blah blah stuff about China and Japan yadda yadda yadda the end”? Honestly, the adults in a cartoon “wah-wah-wah” in a more persuasive fashion than this commander-in-chief speaks actual words of English.At this point, even the relationships between people who are supposed to genuinely care for each other are not coming across as convincingly ... For the past several episodes, I’ve been waiting for Remy and Jackie to reveal that each has been playing the other for political gain.

Is he fixated on Doug’s location because he’s working for someone else who wants to keep tabs on Underwood’s right-hand man?We didn’t see it happen, and we have no idea what happened to Christina afterwards. Meanwhile, Claire’s bill in support of civilian oversight over military sex abuse cases is going forward, even though Megan Hennessey completely melted down and was unable to testify before Congress, turning Claire into the lone voice accusing Dalton Mc Ginnis of rape.Shouldn’t that make Claire vulnerable in some way, vulnerable beyond targeted attacks from mentally ill Marines and the possibility of Jackie Sharp not co-sponsoring the bill? Speaking of Sharp and that military bill, I was actually glad to see the Majority Whip say no to the Underwoods.and everything, it seems, is on the verge of blowing up: tensions between China and Japan and, by extension, the U.S.; the controversial nature of Raymond Tusk’s Chinese-casino connections; Claire’s military sex abuse bill, which Majority Whip Jackie Sharp doesn’t support; the romantic relationship between Jackie and Remy, which apparently is supposed to be based on real emotions; and actual explosives, which were brought to the Underwood residence by a former Marine intent on obliterating Claire Underwood.There’s affection between them, but no heat; that’s not because the heat has gone out of the marriage but seemingly because it was always absent, by mutual consent.


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