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Issues dealt with include contraception, pregnancy, family planning clinics, sexually transmitted diseases, peer pressure and relationships.Centrepoint - support for young people affected by homelessness The Hide Out - support if you're affected by domestic abuse NHS Choices - health advice for young people Carers trust - advice for young carers Childnet - staying safe online Pace - online information and support for parents and professionals of young people being sexually exploited Students against depression - site contains excellent information and help for anyone feeling depressed National Youth Advocacy Service - provides information, advice, advocacy and legal representation to young people up to 25 The Mix - essentialsupport for under 25s on all issues important to young people, including relationships, your body, money, crime, study and lifestyle.The animations below have been made by the NSPCC and aim to clarify the complex issues of sexual exploitation and can help young people experience similar problems: Sexual exploitation can involve swapping sexual favours for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other presents.

For this to change, NDAS want young people to recognise it.The project will be evaluated throughout the whole process from the planning and development stages to delivery to audiences. More about the film In order to have a broad reach, the film focused on the general issue rather than the specifics of the work that NDAS carries out.To suit social platforms, the film is short and no more than 90 seconds long with an attention grabbing opening, a complex emotional journey and a hard-hitting ending. Our main objectives for the drama and film are to: • Open up the conversation about psychologically damaging relationships • Speak to young audiences by focussing on your young person’s service, in schools or youth/community settings • Highlight the difficulties of living in a remote area • Prevent young people engaging in unhealthy relationships/sexual exploitation.If you know an adult that you trust, tell them you are unhappy and what’s worrying you. If you want to talk to someone that doesn’t know you personally, use the contacts below: Worried about a child - report your concerns If you are a professional who works with children, you should first discuss your concern with your manager or designated professional.You can also get advice and support from these independent organisations Whoever it is, a person could use clever ways to take advantage of your relationship – and that means you can be harmed almost before you know what’s going on.​ Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS) a Northumberland based independent charity, have been working with Raw Productions, a London based media organisation, to produce a powerful and emotive brand new film that focuses on young people’s struggles with coercive and controlling relationships.


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