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So I think Lancel has numbed himself to the pain of others, under the belief that what he is doing is good for them on another level, on a spiritual level.That's what's so frightening about him and people like him, because you can't reason with that frame of mind. I believe I will be in Game Of Thrones for a while.” Simon was one of several young actors cast at the start of the series — including Maisie Williams, and Sophie Turner — and he has made friends for life on set.“I have learnt so much from watching him,” he said.: Actor Eugene Simon current girlfriend is ‘Jade Ramsey’ with whom he is dating. Well, Eugene is growing and getting poulairty across the UK and his current girlfriend name is Jade Ramsey who is also a British actress.Eujade is the real-life pairing of Eugene Simon and Jade Ramsey.I think Cersei and Lancel might be underestimating the High Sparrow. [Laughs.] For Lancel, I grew my nails out for three months, because he's supposed to be feral. [Laughs.] For all the ladies reading this interview, I can totally sympathize with you when your nails break.He's actually a very frightening character, because he's so calmly able to convince you of his relatively moderate views on righteousness, when actually he's really dictating the will of the gods. So one of the reasons people might not recognize you from previous seasons is that you cut off your long locks ... When I was a baby, I had a massive head, a cannonball-sized head, so I was like, "What if they shave off my hair, and that's me? I have a scar on my head from when I was a kid, something I'd totally forgotten about, so when all my hair was gone, the scar was there, and that's totally appropriate for the character, because he's got this scar on his shoulder, and now this massive brand on his forehead. There's a very brief shot where my hand grips the wood on the side of the table, and what I did before that shot, I cut vertical lines in my nails so that they weren't gone, they were just broken and weak on my entire right hand. Tell all the men to piss off, because they don't know what it's like!

And I was quite struck by that, because it shows the odd intimacy that they had, even though it was never fully referenced. Unlike most of their members, he didn't come from the poorest of the poor, but he did come from a family that doesn't know how to love, outside of incest.He is also appear in few movies as well and this first movie was 'Casanova' which came in 2005 year.But you can understand from the fact that within 10 year of his career time Eugene already worked 7 TV series.The two aren't considered a romantic pairing, but as a very close friendship.The two are seen to be very close and are shown to hang out a lot. “It’s been great to grow as actors together.” He also praised co-star Jonathan Pryce.


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